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Post-Job Cleaning Services

Any remaining construction materials, or equipment used during the restoration process are removed from the property. This includes dust, residues, and waste materials generated from repairs and reconstruction.

Dust and Surface Cleaning:

Surfaces, including floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures, are meticulously cleaned to remove dust, residues, and any remaining contaminants. Specialized cleaning agents and equipment are used to ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage.

Air Filtration and Purification:

Air quality is crucial post-restoration. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems and air scrubbers may be utilized to remove airborne contaminants, odors, and allergens, ensuring a fresh and clean indoor environment.

Sanitization and Disinfection:

To eliminate any potential pathogens, bacteria, or mold spores, surfaces are sanitized and disinfected using EPA-approved disinfectants. This step ensures a hygienic environment and prevents microbial growth, promoting health and safety.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning:

Floors, carpets, and rugs undergo thorough cleaning and treatment. This may include vacuuming, steam cleaning, or specialized treatments to remove stains, residues, and odors, restoring them to their pre-damage condition.

Odor Neutralization:

Lingering odors resulting from water damage, mold, or restoration materials are addressed using specialized odor-neutralizing agents and equipment. This ensures a fresh and pleasant indoor environment, free from unpleasant smells.