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Water Damage Restoration:

In the event that a property has been left abandoned, especially along the Gulf Coast, it is highly likely to have incurred water damage due to severe storms prevalent in the region. At L&T Contractors, we specialize in the meticulous removal of water and the comprehensive restoration of damage, encompassing walls, floors, building contents, and more.

Fire Damage Restoration:

Abandoned buildings often bear the scars of fire damage, whether it contributed to the property’s abandonment or occurred post-neglect through arson. Even if the fire didn’t fully consume the structure, lingering damage can result from smoke and soot infiltrating walls and contents. Our expertise lies in effective fire damage restoration to bring these spaces back to life.

Storm Damage Restoration:

Whether an abandoned property has weathered a major hurricane or a series of smaller severe storms, L&T Contractors stands ready to provide essential services for repairing the incurred damage. Our storm damage restoration services are tailored to address a spectrum of issues arising from adverse weather conditions.

Mold Remediation:

Neglected properties with damaged roofs, doors, or windows may have allowed rainwater to infiltrate the interior. Without proper water damage restoration, moisture lingers in walls, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. L&T Contractors specializes in mold remediation, even for the most severely affected buildings, ensuring a thorough and effective removal process.