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Tips for Winter Preparedness

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Tips | 0 comments

As winter approaches, safeguarding your home against the cold becomes crucial. Here are 10 actionable steps recommended by L&T Contractors in the Houston Tx Greater Area to enhance your home’s resilience against rain, snow, and freezing conditions.

  1. Schedule a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit: Engage with professionals to identify potential vulnerabilities or inefficiencies in your home’s energy system before winter sets in.
  2. Address Under-Door Drafts: Unnoticed drafts beneath doors can significantly increase energy wastage. Use draft stoppers or upgrade the door’s weather stripping to minimize this loss.
  3. Ensure Proper Window Sealing: Heat loss through windows can inflate heating bills. Ensure windows are well-caulked to maximize energy efficiency.
  4. Enhance Insulation, Especially Around Pipes: Older homes, in particular, might lack adequate insulation. Boosting insulation in areas like attics, walls, and floors not only conserves heat during winters but also maintains coolness in summers. Furthermore, insulate pipes near exterior walls, basements, and attics to prevent freezing.
  5. Upgrade Home Appliances: Consider replacing outdated furnaces or appliances with energy-efficient models to optimize heating efficiency during colder months.
  6. Deploy a Programmable Thermostat: Maintain indoor temperatures above 65 degrees to prevent potential pipe freezing and subsequent breakages. Invest in smart thermostats that notify you of dangerously low temperatures, signaling potential pipe freeze risks.
  7. Safeguard Water Pipes: Implement flow-based leak detection systems that can halt the water supply during emergencies and promptly alert you. Also, shield external faucets using insulation kits to deter freezing.
  8. Adjust Water Heater Settings: Optimize your water heater by slightly reducing its maximum temperature. This adjustment not only conserves energy but also cuts down on costs.
  9. Install a Backup Generator: Ensure uninterrupted heating and essential home functionalities during power outages with a dual-fuel generator compatible with natural gas and alternative fuel sources. This ensures continuous operation of essential systems, including WiFi, leak detection, and refrigeration.
  10. Maintain Clean Gutters: Regularly clear out roof gutters, downspouts, and drainage systems. This maintenance prevents ice accumulation and water overflow issues during winter storms.

By adhering to these 10 guidelines from L&T Contractors, residents of the Houston Tx Greater Area can fortify their homes against the challenges posed by winter weather, ensuring comfort, safety, and efficiency throughout the season.


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