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Upon discovering a burst frozen pipe in your property or that of your tenants, swift action is crucial.

Here’s a concise checklist to guide you through the process.

1. Prioritize Safety:

   In this emergency, prioritize safety. Flooded buildings pose various hazards, so exercise extreme caution around electricity, flowing water, and saturated sheetrock.

2. Shut Off Main Water Valve:

   Locate the main water valve for your property and promptly turn it off to stop additional water from flowing through the system.

3. Turn Off Electricity to Affected Area:

   Minimize safety risks associated with flooding by turning off the power at the electrical panel, especially in areas with standing or moving water.

4. Contact a Plumber:

   Even if you’re unsure of the exact location of the frozen pipe, engage an expert plumber to diagnose and repair the issue. Addressing the water leak source is a top priority.

5. Call our company for Water Removal and Restoration Company:

Before initiating cleanup or filing a claim, reach out to a reputable water removal company. They can assist in documenting damage for insurance purposes and swiftly deploy resources for cleanup and drying.

6. File a Claim with Your Insurance Company:

While it’s generally advised to involve the restoration company before filing a claim, there are situations where filing promptly is necessary. Some insurance companies have tight deadlines for sudden water damage claims, so be mindful of potential time constraints during disaster scenarios. Your restoration contractor can guide you through the documentation process and insurance filing.


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